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Stunt Training

2nd Unit Director TJ White working with Assistant Director and Stunt Coordinator Hank Kingi

Many productions around the world have there actors and talent travel to the US to train for scenes in Films, Television and commercials.  Training talent is very serious and should to be supervised by a qualified Stunt Coordinator.  Stunt Coordinators that specialize in Stunt training use Stunt performers that are experts in certain skills like stunt driving, fights, high falls and Bike riding. These professional stunt performers have trained years to obtain these skills.  It would be silly to think a couple weeks of training would be able get these actors or talent the same skill.  This training is good for getting talent familiar with a certian action sequence to give the director more coverage.  It is always best to have  a stunt double supervised by a stunt coordinator on set all time to over see the action.  This give the director the explosive shots he or she has been looking for and keeps the talent safe form injury.

TJ White teaching film student at UCLA

There are stunt training schools around the world,  but when producer and directors want a specific skill they usually go to a site like this www.hollywoodstuntcoordinators.com for the specific training regimen.  Training is not cheap to do.  It takes a Stunt Coordinating time and money to set up a training program for a special skill needed for a shoot.  These stunt trainers have to own the equipment needed to train talent on.  Upkeep is expensive and damaged to the equipment is common for people that are not familiar with the equipment.

Stunt Coordinator TJ White and Fight Coordinator Kelly Carter

Stunt Coordinator TJ White with Stuntwomen Boni Yanagisawa

Training can consist of Personal training for physical fitness, strength and flexibility for Fights and falls. This extensive training can also re-sculpt there bodies through proper nutrition and diet. Just like you have seen in many films like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Gerald Butler in 300.  This dedication to the film and character gives the audience a real in depth look into the story. It is important to assess your subject to make sure they are capable of the extensive training.  A strong and flexible body is less likely to have an injury than one that is not.  Our personal trainers can train talent is many disciples of fighting and acrobatics.

We also has access to train talent for concerts and world tours.  This can be extensive stunt training but can help your talent decrease injuries and have better performances.

Our stunt training consist of Body Sculpture changes, weight gain or loss, Stunt Driving, Fights, Wire Work and Motorcycle training.

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