Stunt Actors

Our Stunt Actors are the epitome of skill and talent in Hollywood’s entertainment industry. With extensive training in both stunts and theatrics, our actors deliver breathtaking performances that leave audiences awestruck.

Action sequences require the stunt to be executed perfectly and the performance be delivered with believable emotion. T Minus Productions Stunt Actors are some of Hollywood’s most trained stunt and theatrical actors. Our stunt actors are direct-able, professional and can bring a nuance to your action that only comes from years of practice. We scour the top stunt organization seeking the perfect talent for your roles.

Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit Director TJ White Setting up a Shot
Photo of Hollywood Stunt Coordinators Direction Services

We work closely with:

  • Stunts Unlimited
  • Brand X Stunts
  • Stuntmen’s Association
  • V 10
  • Stuntwomen’s Association
  • International Stunt Association
  • United Stuntwomen’s Association
  • Tempest Freerunning
  • RCP Stunt Group
  • …and many Stunt professionals that wish to be independent