Stunt Drivers

Car chases, crashes, flips and jumps get your audience amped!

Behind the scenes, it takes years of experience to master these maneuvers before they hit the screen. T Minus Productions works closely with Hollywood’s most experienced and accurate Stunt Drivers.  Our  Stunt drivers accuracy helps you save time + money, and also significantly reduce the risk of accidents and set damage. We also work closely with your studio executives and insurance representatives to insure safety across the board.

Stunt Driving takes years of experience to be able to perform on camera or in a live stunt show.  Many of these drivers start off racing cars then work them self into precision driving then to Stunt driving.

Precision Driving is a very watered down turn now.  Years ago it was a turn for experienced drivers that had the talent and ability to hold positions for camera at high rates of speed or even slide a car into the same position multiple times. These skills are needed for the director and camera department to be able to get there shots in a short time.  Many times these skilled drivers will not have much time to work with the cars, or even have to do the same action with many different cars.  Many times the Drivers are in Stunt Driving Teams or with the same group of people.  Because they work so much with each other they have the skill and the ability to do amazing things in cars.

Stunt Driving is very dangerous and should only be done by professionals.  If you you plan to hire a Stunt Driving Team or a Stunt Driver ask to see a resume and stunt reel.  There are many people out there that say they are stunt drivers.  But in reality there is a small few that do all of the stunt driving in Hollywood.

Fight Coordinator, TJ White setting up a fight Scene

Stunt Driving Teams:

We work with the industry’s leading organizations, including:

  • Generation X Drivers
  • Stunts in Trucks
  • Team Hutchinson Precision Driving Team
  • Drivers Inc.
  • Performance Two Drivers
  • Professional Drivers Inc.
  • L.A. Motorsports