Stunt Riggers

T Minus’ team of expert riggers will meticulously craft a seamless, secure, and budget-friendly execution of the stunt.

Before your Hero jumps from a building, is thrown by an explosion or flies through the air, suspended from a High-rise building , T Minus’ team of specialized riggers will construct a safe, efficient and cost-effective execution of the stunt.

T Minus’ Stunt Riggers are some of Hollywood’s most seasoned and educated professionals. We combine tricks of the trade, cutting edge technologies and a huge wealth of knowledge to cover simple rigs to the most complex. We also have a full compliment of equipment on the East and West Coasts for convenience, efficiency, and local tax incentives maximization.

Safety is always forefront. T Minus spares no expense when protecting principle actors, stunt performers and crew. Our safety record is second to none.

Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit Director TJ White Setting up a Shot
Monster Crane, T Minus Productions and Team Velocity stunt rigging

T-Minus Productions can safely and precisely give your film the intense tone you need via:

  • High Speed winches (2D and 3D)
  • Talent flying rigs
  • Camera flying rigs
  • Props flying rigs
  • Vector-Cam wirework
  • Flying platforms
  • Theatrical rigging
  • Custom fabrication
  • Custom harness design
  • Hong Kong wire work
  • Urban & nature repelling rigs
  • Vertical & Horizontal fall protection
  • Vehicle ramping, flips & collisions
  • Tempered & sugar glass set-ups
  • Car prep (fuel cells, roll cages, etc.)