Stunt & Precision Driving Teams

Stunt Driving and Precision Driving Teams

Stunt Driving and Precision Driving Teams are a group of qualified stunt drivers that work together on a regular basis. This is evident when working with an experience production. These drivers communicate with each other in a way that makes the action of driving like like a choreographed dance. This helps the commutation of the Director, 1st Assistant Director, Director of Photography and camera operators and the drivers get the exact show they are looking for. Just to be on a Driving team the Drivers usually have been stunt driving for 10 years or more. This is a very close knit group of drivers that usually do 90 perfect all of the driving in Commercials and films. Stunt Driving teams market themselves in the Film, TV and Commercial industry and some just are unofficial driving teams and do not have name, They just are a group of close knit drivers.

Background or Extra Drivers

There are Background or Extra Driving Teams that productions use in filming a high density of cars in a scene like parking lot, Highway or cars driving on the streets around actors. This should not be confused with Stunt Drivers and Precision Drivers. These drivers are experienced for basic on set driving and should never be put into a position where a stunt driver or precision drive is needed. This is unfair for the inexperienced driver and dangerous for the crew.