Stunt Coordinator

T Minus Productions Stunt Coordinators specialize in the creation, technical design, direction and production of action sequences.

We budget, design and choreograph your action sequences to meet your director’s vision (and your producers budget!)

Our coordinators work hand-in-hand with your special effects technicians, pyrotechnics technicians, make-up artists and props department to ensure all stunts are performed safely, accurately and consistently. We also handle all license requirements and liaise with insurance companies, should you need.

Our coordinators hire Hollywood’s top stunt performers, precision drivers, stunt drivers, stunt doubles, OTHER SPECIALISTS. They’ll get you the best talent at every position.

Our featured Stunt Coordinator is TJ White, but we have a plethora of contacts, should your production require extra help or TJ is committed to another project.

Stunt Coordinator working with Director on LG Commercial