Boy in the Castle’s CEO and Director Colin Tilly pushing the envelope even further with Post Malone’s recent Music Video “Goodbyes” ft. Young Thug (Rated R). Colin is always pushing the envelope in music videos through story, visuals, and dynamic performances with talent and their music. In the “Goodbyes” video, Colin created an environment much like you saw in movies like “Grease” or “The Outsiders.”  Where the type of fighting was more one on one and they would be using a knife as a weapon.  In this fight we knew who was going to win but we didn’t know the story of how we were going to achieve that.  Colin has worked with Stunt Coordinator / Fight Coordinator TJ White from T Minus Productions for many years.  So he brought TJ in to help out with the action on this project.  Bringing in a Stuntman that can act is key for a fight like this one with your main talent.  We want the talent to be safe on the shoot, but we also want it to look dynamic and realistic. When you walk through the choreography you are designing the action in a way that it looks believable and your main talent will be able to do the action. Then you can then jump into the design of the camera movements. Being able to work with a professional like Colin and Post Malone, you are not only able to be creative with the action but you can think out of the box with a scene.  Post Malone was very into the scene and his character and really wanted the fight to look realistic. Watch the Video below.  Currently on Youtube with over 134 million views.