There is nothing better than an early 70’s Chevelle, a couple of stunt police cars, Hollywood Stunt drivers, and some dirt. Director Isaac Rentz pulls together some high octane action with this DJ Marshmallow featuring Kane Brown music video. Proving that car chases, stunts, and music always win. This Hound Productions project that was produced by Michelle Larkin, Missy Galandia and Isaac Rice closed down roads in Palmdale just outside Los Angeles to achieve this car chase that resembles a high speed action scene in TV shows like “The Dukes of Hazard” or “Knight Rider”.

Stunt Cooridnator TJ White has worked close with Issac Rentz on his action projects for years. TJ brought in his Stunt Team to stunt drive in the music video and had the cars prepped for the stunts by Studio Picture Cars and picture car coordinator Ken Fritz Jr. The dust and high temperatures were really tough on the cars but the Car Prep crew were on it between takes to keep the cars running.