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Water Safety Scuba Divers

Marine and Diving Crews are mainly responsible for the safety of the cast and crew whilst filming in water. The Head of Department is usually the Stunt Coordinator,   to interpret the Director’s vision for the underwater scenes or sequences in the screenplay, using all the relevant equipment, training and safety around the talent and crew when they are in the water. . As many feature film actors like to perform their own stunts, characters seen on screen plunging off a cliff into freezing sea water, struggling for air in a sinking sports car, or swimming under ice and eventually coming up for air, may well be played by A-List stars or most likley they are doubled by a trained stunt double that specialist in workin int water.  Like most stunt people they specialize in Fighting, horses, water or car work because not stunt permore can be an expert in all of these specific stunts.  Water specialist come from a world of water growing up swimming competitively, surfing, scuba fiving, high diving and even free diving.

Marine and Diving Crews are responsible for creating suspense and drama in such scenes, for bringing the underwater world alive, and for maintaining strict health and safety guidelines in the water. Only a small number of Underwater specialist  work on feature films,. They are employed on commercials, television drama and feature films, and usually work with the same Camera Crew and Safety Divers. Although the work is physically demanding and potentially dangerous.

Saftey Diver us communications systems for the crew above the water to direct them what to do under the water.  Sometimes the wireless systems and sometimes they use a hard wire system that transmitss sounds through the water,