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Vector-Cam Wirework

Ne-Yo Music Video Shoot

Team Velocity is a the only company that in the entertainment business that uses the vector cam system.  This system is not only flys people bus flys cameras too.

Team Velocity was formed to combine the expertise and resources, and over fifty years of experience, of flying performers and camera for major motion pictures.  They are stunt and camera rigging specialist, translating creative thought into technical solutions through team work. Diversity of experience runs deep in the team covering a wide rage of disciplines.  Creativity, integrity and strong work ethics has made them popular with both the creative and business aspects of the entertainment industry.

Team Velocity believes that the future of performer and camera flying for the entertainment industry lies in automation and we are blazing a path towards this future.

Over the last two years we have focused all our efforts and resources on one goal, the creation of a computer controlled 3D high Speed winch system, for performer and camera flying. Team Velocity has now realized this goal with stunning results.

Vector Cam flying system used on the film Eragon

Vector Cam flying system used on the film Eragon


The 3D performer flying system tat they have developed is unequaled in the entertainment industry for its flexibility and ease-of-use.  Velocity has dubbed this new performer flying system “Pathfinder”.

Using Pathfinder Directors and Stunt Coordinators can place their cast directly into the action scenes with confidence and safety. Pathfinder allows performers to solely concentrate on the flying choreography. Once a flight path is created it can be repeated time and time again with pinpoint accuracy. With Pathfinder, we have removed the variables that go with complicated machine assisted hand operated stunt rigs.


The cable suspended camera flying system, “Vector-Cam”, is based on the highly successful “Patherfinder”. With the Vector-Cam, Director and Directors of Photography can design intricate shots involving flights paths in 3D.  Programming in 3D flight paths is as easy as drawing a picture.

Pathfinder + Vector-Cam Combined

What really exited the crew of Team Velocity and has then sitting on the edge of their seats, is the as yet untapped potential of combining the Pathfinder and Vector-Cam together.  Flying a performer and camera together in an action scene no one has yet dared to dream or thought possible until now,