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Top Stunt ActorsTop stunt coordinator, TJ White and his T-Minus Productions team got its start designing and producing action scenes for some of Hollywood’s most creative directors and producers. T-Minus racked up experience in Film, Television, Animation, Commercial and Music Videos for years. Then set it’s sights on producing it’s own projects.

With access to the most respected Top stunt coordination experts, stunt drivers, stunt actors, stunt doubles and stunt equipment rental in Top, T-Minus gives you all the pieces you need to put together your next film, commercial or music video shoot.

T-Minus developed a business model that focuses on projects that will be profitable beyond the Box Office. The majority of T-Minus properties can take advantage of significant ancillary markets, including consumer merchandising, soundtracks, intellectual property licensing, syndication, spin-off, and other ancillary markets to positively effect the investor’s bottom line.

T-Minus then beefed up its creative development and began to acquire properties that fit its business plan.

Today, T-Minus has several staff employees, 11+ feature film projects, and 5 television projects in various stages of development. They pride themselves in producing properties that are not only entertaining but also profitable.

Based in Los Angeles and Cleveland, T Minus Productions has ample experience filming on locations across the world, while maximizing local tax incentives.