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Special Effects Supervisor

SFX Explosion on the Set of the Artist “Tank” music Video

The Special effects department of a production crew are made up of experienced licenses individuals with explosive licenses.  These Licensed Special Effects crew have very different jobs in the SFX department.  Some are responsible for buying and picking up the supplies, some are to fabricate a specific device and some are to over see and set up the explosives for a vcertain special effect.

There are many effects done in films, the effects were are talking about are the practical effects where you would see a real car flying through the air or blowing up a building.  The Special effect department are also responsible for making rain, smoke and fire on a set.  It take many years of experience to become the head of a special effects department called a Special Effects Supervisor.  A Special Effects Supervisor works closely with Stunt Coordinators to supervise the action and safety of a stunt.  These are to very stressful positions and many times prefer to work with the same people to decrease lack of communication.  Many but not all of the Special effects supervisors have all the license they need to do a certain job so they have to out source it and hire someone else to actually perform the special effect.  A production should really check out a Special Effects experience and reputation before hiring someone.  Like is Stunt Coordinating, Special Effects are not a smart way to save money on a production when the danger of loosing a persons life is so great.


Train Crash designed by SFX Supervisor Frank Ceglia

Semi Tanker Exploses on Film set of NBC Trama