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Safety Wire Work

Justin Beiber Safety Wire on Ledge

Wire work is used for many different aspects in filmmaking. Wire or tech line is used to suspend a person or object from a certain height or propel that person or object through the air. There are many different types of equipment that a stunt coordinator and his stunt rigging team use to be able to fly a person through the air. Depending on the budget, location, and flight pattern equipment like high speed winches, air rams, air ratchets, and decelerators all can be used by the stunt coordinator when choosing to fly someone through the air.

When a stunt rigger is using wire or tech line to safety someone to propel through the air they use specific equipment that is maintained regularly to keep up the integrity of the material used. These apparatuses are used in a controlled environment so that the equipment will not be influenced by outside elements.

An experienced Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Rigging team never use there wire or tech line once tension has been put on the line. This equipment can be expensive so productions should be aware of the safety precautions needed to achieve the risk level their insurance companies would like.