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Motorcycle Stunt Coordinator

Dirt Bike Jump for P Diddy Music Video

Your hero narrowly escapes the antagonist’s trap by jumping a motorcycle across a river and speeding off to safety! Sounds exciting – let us help you pull it off.

T Minus Productions’ Motorcycle Stunt Coordinators are Stunt Coordinators that have been trained in all aspects of motorcycle stunts.  Like working with animals on set, motorcycles can be very complex. An expert is needed to assist production with all of the action and safety concerns.

T Minus’ motorcycle specialists help production train actors / recording artists to be proficient on a motorcycle.  We also have a large network of male and female motorcycle stunt doubles that can handle any stunt your hero can’t afford to risk.

The Liks Music Video

Types of Motorcycles

Dirt Bike – Motocross racing, off road riding, jumps, freestyle tricks
Street Bike – Crashes, high-speed chases, tricks
Race Track – High Speed crashes / lay downs, high-speed track maneuvers