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Live Stunt Shows

Stunt Riders for live stunt show


Live Stunt Show comes in different styles.  Some are for Car companies showing off there newest line of cars, some are for executives of fortune 500 companies or some are just for wanting to do something different.  Using some of the top stunt professionals in Hollywood we create a show like no other.  These highly experiences stunt performers train for years to have the skill needed to do these calculated stunts  for a live audience.


Types of live Stunt Shows

Live Fire show from Ohio Burn Unit

Fire Shows :

These very skilled fire performers make you believe that fire float through the air.  With synchronized dancing the fire performers blow fire, spin object in the air and even catch them selves on fire to the beat of the music.

Stunt Fighting Show:

Just like you have scene at Six Flags Batman stunt show or Universal Studios Wild Wild west show of the Waterworld stunt show.  We create a custom stunt show for any event weather you are surprising a kids b day party, a corporate event or a charity event.  These shows are designed specifically with the theme you have in mind.  You will be working with a Director and Stunt Coordinator to create a spectacular event.

Stunt Driving Show :

This is created usually for Car companies that want to show off there cars.  A skilled Stunt Driving team comes to a designated area in the world of your choice to deliver a spectacular stunt driving experience.

Car Shows :

Qualified Precision Drivers drive cars on stage for dealerships or car companies to showcase there newest line of cars.  These cars sometimes are prototypes so it takes an experienced driver to put in on the mark.

Stunt Motorcycle Team

Motorcycle Stunt Shows : Our freestyle stunt show comes with pro-motorcross riders, ramps, and bikes.  This stunt show is a very easy system to set up and can be up and running within hours.  This high octane stunt show can give your audience at close and personal X Games show.


Free Running Demonstration

Free Running or Parkour Stunt Show :

Our team of Parkour Athletes perform an acrobat show that will amaze the audience.  Using there bodies to flip and tumble through a custom built for each event  This events are put together bringing in a Production Designer and Stunt Coordinator early on to design the sets for the performs choreograph there movement throughout.

Let us Build a Performance for your event that everybody will be talking about years to come.