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High Speed Winches

High Speed Winch System


High speed winches are used to fly people or objects through the air. These winches are usually controlled by computers so that the flying pattern can be duplicated and repeated in a quick and efficient manner. This allows the director and camera department to get an abundant amount of takes that are consistent and usable.

There are various ways to use these systems. One way is to use a cable-camera flying rig. Using this set up you can fly cameras in 3D, 2D, or in Single Axis (point to point) to provide all encompassing camera coverage. These systems can also be used to move cameras across the ground using a dolly track, rails, etc. When vector rigging techniques are used it provides an unbeatable combination of speed and control in 2D or 3D. These systems can also be rigged to be a Performer Flying System that may be combined and synchronized to create visually spectacular live action stunt sequences. High speed winch systems have motion control accuracy which makes it ideal for visual effects shots.

Advantages of using High Speed Winch Systems:

– Vastly increase creative freedom
– Improve on-set efficiency
– A large volume of shots possible in one day
– Faster response times to spontaneous day changes
– Decreases demand for camera rehearsals prior to shooting day
– Motion control accuracy ideal for visual effects shots
– Control of complex combinations of movement involving camera, performer and objects


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