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Film Equipment Rental

T Minus Productions owns or has access to any film equipment you need for your next music video, movie or corporate shoot. We are always designing specialized equipment to allow directors and producers to create the spectacular views they are looking for.

Our specialized equipment is safety tested and adheres to all OSHA regulations.  Years of experience go into the equipment design. It is continually being modified to be as efficient as possible and to keep up with the ever-advancing demands of the entertainment industry.

We have equipment on both coasts. No location is too remote!

Film Equipment for Rent:


– Moviebird 17 Technocrane
– Moviebird 24 Technocrane
– Moviebird 30 Technocrane
– Moviebird 35 Technocrane
– Moviebird 45 Technocrane
– GFM Jib Arm
– GFM Jib Arm with Base

Crane Accessories:

– Bartrack Straight
– Wireless Intercom 5-Headsets
– Wireless Intercom 10-Headsets

Remote Heads:

– Mo-Sys 2 Axis Remote Head
– Talon Mini 2 Axis Remote Head
– Libra Stabilized Remote Head
– Aerohead 2 Axis Remote Head

Remote Head Accessories:

– Talon Mini Head Broadcast Controls
– Talon Mini Head Wireless Data Link
– Wireless Video Link

Lens Control:

– Preston Fi+Z2
– Preston Fi+Z3
– Wireless Micro Force (zoom)
– Wireless Fi (Focus Iris)
– Bartec Wireless Focus
– Cine Tape w/Wireless Read

Camera Cars & Equipment Available for Rent:

Z Crane
– Russian Arm
– Ultimate Arm