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Fight Choreographer

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On screen, fights are an exciting way to add drama. On set, fight choreography is one of the more technical aspects of film making.

T Minus’ Fight Choreographers, Stunt Coordinators and Fight Coordinators are highly trained in various forms of combat.  Their expertise can help your director shoot dramatic action sequences efficiently and effectively. Our Fight Choreographers also direct 2nd Unit, allowing the producer to quickly and effectively photograph the fight sequence.

T Minus’ Fight Choreographers brainstorm with your director and producer to identify the design, style, and scope of the action.  Once creatively on the same page, we assist casting actors with required skills from our vast network of performers.

Once cast, we rehearse the choreography intensely and you are ready to film your fight sequence.

Fight Styles
Bar Room
Mixed Martial Arts

Honk Kong wire work
Stage Combat
Weapons Combat

Grappling, Wrestling

Street Fighting

Knife, Swords, Guns, Weapons fighting


Fight Coordinator, TJ White setting up a fight Scene