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Stunt Cranes

Montster Cranes on set of Fox Sports Nascar Commercial

With the new OSHA regulations and safety standards put into place in the film industry, stunt coordinators are over seeing all design of the stunt rigging. When you have to hang a person or object from great heights you need to incorporate heavy duty cranes to rig off of. Sometimes you rig truss, winches, or cabling to a crane so that you can lift or have a high pick point of the shot. This enables the camera department to have more versatility when shooting. When using heavy duty cranes the stunt coordinator will need to hire a trained operator. These crane operators have to be certified to operate on set along with being certified by the state they operate the crane in. When insurance companies write a policy for the production shoot they ask for a crane operator’s license to operate and run their safety record through the state. Using such heavy machinery takes skill and experience so that the stunt rigging crew can do there job effectively and safely.



Montster Stunt Craneon set of Olivia Somerlyn

Montster Stunt Craneon set of Olivia Somerlyn

Montster Cranes on Ne-Yo Music Video