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Division Video Game Commercial with Stunts

Producer Ross Dinerstein and his company Campfire Films produced this epic commercial for the Tom Clancy “The Division” video game directed by Xavier Gens ” Hitman” and Director of Photography Bridger Nielson.  This stylistic commercial takes the viewer into the world of this video game with the game of stunt and visual effects.


Amazing set for this commercial at Fox Studios

Amazing set for this commercial at Fox Studios

Stunt Coordinator TJ White, VP of T Minus Productions Lauren Pacheco, Stunt Women Boni Yanagisawa, Stuntman Alex Mccaslin and Stuntman Justin White

Stunt Coordinator TJ White, VP of T Minus Productions Lauren Pacheco, Stunt Women Boni Yanagisawa, Stuntman Alex Mccaslin and Stuntman Justin White

Katy Perry Doing Stunts on Mega Hit Music Video “Roar”

When your looking for epic concepts and creativity look no further than an artist like Katy Perry. This artist likes to use every color in the spectrum and shock the world with animals. Production called Stunt Coordinator TJ White from T Minus Productions, and Norbert Phillips “Fear Factor” to over see the Stunt rigging and fly the talent by wires.

What do you do when a live Tiger is on set ? You defiantly don’t walk around the set with a box of burgers from in-n-out.  Working with exotic animals could be very dangerous and you need to make sure you are working with reputable companies. These companies start training there animals at a young age to be able to perform on set.

This music video was directed by Grady Hall & Mark Kudsi and produced by Motion Theory. These two very creative directors incorporated Katy’s multiple looks with a fun stylized music video that has over 1.4 Billion views on youtube.com alone.

Using exotic animals , visual effects, stunts with wire work and being creative with  camera moves the directors were able to create a dynamic vibrant video that will last the for years to come.


Blockbuster Films and the Action they bring to the Screen

On the set of Avengers in Cleveland ,Ohio

It All Begins with a DREAM

Creating a “Blockbuster” always begins with a dream to accomplish the unbelievable or tell a story beyond expectations of the viewers.  Every year, the “Blockbuster” is usually action packed or a dramatically emotional draining adventure.  But both bring an element of breath taking moments, either by words or visual stimulation.

The term “Blockbuster” started in the 1950’s. It has several meanings, but the first is “A bomb that could level a city block” but was adapted by the film Industry to describe how well a film does, thus, “A stunning new and unexpected event or object that generates enormous sales or revenues”.  Ironic, that one has nothing to do with the other, but both create attention.   Even though, before the event of the use in film, it was only used to describe an athlete.  In the 1950’s, Grace Kelly was the first to be acclimated as a “Blockbuster”.

Since then we associate the term with Summer Movies, such as this year’s highly anticipated “Avengers” and the soon to be release “Batman”.  These high-budget movies make or break the studios and production companies.  But the common denominator is usually “ACTION”.  From Indian Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, and every other movie that draws viewers into the theaters, people want to feel and visualize things they will never encounter themselves.

The use of Stunts, explosions, weapons, and even flying, give the viewer an experience that they dream of.  As stunt professionals we are able to create that illusion and belief that it is possible to live your dream.   But, and we do stress, the effects and stunts are completely thought out, designed for SAFETY, and to exceed the imagination of the possible.  Every stunt in the “BlockBuster” is carefully thought out, down to the last “I” being dotted and “T” being crossed.

Talented stunt coordinators, like TJ White, ensure that productions are expertly controlled and deliver the best product needed.  More and more productions require the best action and heart stopping entertainment that stunt professionals offer.  Blockbusters wouldn’t be where they are without the excitement we provide.
You DREAM it, we create it…….



Making Commercials look “Badass”

Old Navy Commercial


Stunts in commercials have been making products, companies, and businesses look exciting and bold.  Adding such elements as bungee jumping (Bud Light), girls fighting in a water fountain (Go Daddy), high speed car/motorcycle maneuvers, drifting, even jumping over things (Fiat, NASCAR, Chevy), or a Sasquatch who gets picked on (Jack Links Beef Jerky).  Commercial stunts can be as minimal as riding a motorcycle into a Progressive ad to as big as doing a barrel roll in a Chevy Sonic for a Super Bowl Commercial.

Mountain Dew was one of the biggest Ad campaigns using exciting stunts to gain interest in their product.  Even Channing Tatum did a spot where he was in a Trans Am, does a barrel roll and grabs a Mountain Dew out of an unsuspecting patron’s hand outside of a convenience store.  Another great ad is for NASCAR, coordinated by TJ White, which shows being a FAN is fanatical, the precision driving and overall action made viewers notice how intense the sport of NASCAR can be.
Let’s not forget probably the most recent string of amazing commercials for Allstate Insurance, MAYHEM.  The use of actor Dean Winters, (OZ, Rescue Me, 30 Rock), has shown just how much you need to buy insurance.  The stunt coordinator,  Rene Mousseux, and rigging team have made that series of commercials unforgettable.  High falls, car stunts, pyrotechnics, and most of all… Safety, make those commercials successful and entertaining.

The biggest stage for any commercial is the Super Bowl, when companies pay up to $3.5million for a 30sec spot.  Even non-sports viewers will dial in to watch just the commercials.  Most will Google Super Bowl Commercials just to see them, which is why companies will strive to get the best bang for the buck.  That is where we come in, to exceed the imagination and limits to a campaign by integrating amazing stunts and add the WOW factor.




Blockbuster Film ‘Avengers’ films in Cleveland, Ohio

Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders coined the phrase, “Way to go Ohio.” It seems appropriate today as Disney / Marvel’s The Avengers is getting rave early reviews and is prepped to take box offices by storm next week.

Many of the action sequences and battle scenes were filmed in beautiful Downtown Cleveland. Public Square, the Courthouse Building on Lakeside, Superior Avenue and many other locations around town gave director Joss Whedon the look and flexibility he needed.

With the support of the Cleveland Film Commission’s Ivan Schwartz and Jason Drake, The Avengers had a wonderful experience filming on the shores of Lake Erie. Great work, guys!

The Production flew most of the Stunt crew out from Los Angles to perform the technical stunts.  Stunt Coordinator RA Rondell “Matix, Superman, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” a Brand X Member over saw and designed the stunt sequences in the Cleveland area.

Here’s hoping more blockbuster films realize the value of filming in Cleveland. I know T Minus Productions can’t wait to film there!

 Way to go Ohio!

Check out the latest on The Avengers from www.cleveland.com




Using Live Stunt Shows For Brand Development

Live Driving Stunt Show Presentation

HollywoodStuntCoordinator.com is one of the leading websites in the world helping marketing entities, public relations houses, car conglomerates, and production companies bring live action stunt shows to life.  Curtis Koller, VP of Development, stated “Working as head of casting for Disney Animation for years has helped us at T-Minus Productions utilize our creative outlets here in Hollywood to produce dynamic live stunt shows.  We use the same artist at Pixar and Disney to storyboard the show to give the clients an idea of the possibilities of how our show will run. With our resources of Directors, Stunt Coordinators and high-tech stunt equipment we are able to create an original stunt show or reenact stunts that has been played out before in a film or television show of your liking.”

CEO TJ White has over 20 years of experience in front of the camera as well as behind bringing his expertise to heighten the energy in a live stunt show arena.  TJ’s experience of working with some of the biggest artist in the world like Britney Spears, JLo, 50 Cent, and the Foo Fighters gives your clients the professionalism and capability to pull off a show of the highest caliber in the business.

High Speed

The capabilities are endless on what T-Minus Productions can achieve to make your live stunt show the jaw-dropping production to remember. Regardless of how modest or how massive your budget is, T-Minus can ensure that they provide you with the ultimate experience to fit your needs.

Live stunt shows are the opportune way to show of your product and make the audience remember who you are. With the talented and innovative minds of this team working with you there isn’t anything that you cannot achieve. Top companies all over the world consistently call upon T-Minus Productions to create a fantasy of stunts to indulge their spectators in a bevy of wonderment.

Ring of Fire Car Stunt


Stunts in the Blockbuster Film ‘Hunger Games’


Sci-Fi action thriller The Hunger Games (directed by Gary Ross) proves that audiences want to see action, drama, and perhaps more importantly, great stunt work!

To date, the film has grossed nearly $500M worldwide.  Critics have compared THG’s staying power to that of Avatar and Titanic. The film’s female centered cast and compelling action sequences have been credited as the key elements to the film’s success.

The Hunger Games’ stunt performers, as well as stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, and Liam Hemsworth, have called their THG stunt training the most intense of their careers. Stage Combat moves are abound in the film, with actors taking each other on with knives, bow and arrow, and seemingly anything they can get their hands on! The chaotic fight sequences keep the action moving and the audiences hearts pounding .

Action reigns supreme in this box office smash – as is the case with nearly all of the top grossing films in history.

 Hungers Games Stunt Coordinator Chad Stahelski best know for doubling Keanu Reeves for the Matrix Trilogy and Stunt Coordiantors for such blockbusters  “Expendables 1 and 2, Rambo, Safe, and Tron

Chad Stahelski Talks Hunger Games Stunts

Stunts on the Set

Check out some of the preliminary stunt sketches:

And here’s what some of the stunt performers did to prepare:


Working with Stunts and Visual Effects in Commercials


Hot Air Balloon Hanging on Green Screen


Visual effects have advanced immensely in the last 5 years during physical production and post-production in order to create eye-popping visuals. Ingenuity Engine, a visual effects company in Los Angeles, worked closely with the HSI production company and director Joseph Kahn (Torque, Detention) to achieve these amazing effects. Joseph is known in the industry for working with some of the biggest names in the music realm like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Britney Spears, U2, and Lady Gaga. He is also known as a genius when it comes to visual effects and the proper way to implement them while shooting. This made the partnership with Ingenuity Engine an easy one to produce the look that Kahn envisioned for this 3 Spot Fox Sports NASCAR Commercials that premiered in last years Super Bowl.

Before & After Visual Effects

Nascar Split screen Before and After Effects – Click to see video

These effects are extremely time consuming however working with a talented director such at Joseph Kahn from HSI Production’s Fox Sports – NASCAR “I’m a Fan” commercials made it effortless to achieve the final vision. These action packed scenes were Stunt Coordinated by TJ White from T-Minus Productions and SFX Supervised by Steve Riley  “Super 8, Flags Of Our Fathers“.

To create these visual effects it takes the vision of a director and the implementation of the visual effects supervisor, Stunt Coordinator, SFX Supervisor, and 1st Asst. Director. It’s important to have these directors and coordinators to physically organize the talent to move and react to certain ways to achieve what they want when they have their visual effects artists create the action around them on their computers. This process can take sometimes weeks to months depending on how complex the effects are. However long it takes, the value in these effects are priceless when you can get an audible or visual reaction from the audience which is the ultimate satisfaction from any production.

Stunt Driver racing down back lot of Paramount Studios

Fox Sports NASCAR Commercial – Manhole “I’m a Fan


Actor jumping through the air to grab balloon

Fox Sports NASCAR Commercial –  Balloon “I’m a Fan”


Ferris wheel rolling down the Road. All Visual Effects by Ingenuity Engine

Fox Sports NASCAR Commercial – Ferris Wheel “I’m a Fan

Fire Stunts in Music Videos

Musical Artist Tank running away from an Explosion

Creating an action scene takes quite a few components to get the right look. The ability of just the body of a stuntman or stunt woman can add weight to jumps, flips, and crashes. Add in one of the most dangerous elements to work with, fire, and you have a complete recipe for a thrilling, jaw dropping, and action boosting scene that will ignite your audience. In order to design these fire scenes a Stunt Coordinator and a Special Effects Supervisor will coordinate with the director to make sure that not only will it look believable but that the stunt is safe for the talent and crew on set. Usually the Stunt Coordinator will hire the Fire Specialist themselves so that they can supervise them and give them specific direction on how to achieve the look the director is envisioning.

There are various looks when doing fire stunts. By using a mixture or substance like an accelerate will change the outcome of the fire stunt you are trying to produce. With the fire specialist on hand, they can create a small developing flame to an explosive blast that you can feel the heat from just feet away. Specialized stunt performers are trained to perform these incredible fire stunts in a number of ways. Depending on the look they can either do a partial burn which may be a limb or two in flames. Or they can be completely engulfed in a blaze to add that “Wow” factor. These professionals are specifically trained for these stunts and know what types of special treated cloths and protective gels to use in order to keep the temperature down while covered in fire.

Fire intensifies the look of the stunt to a degree that must be handled properly by a highly specialized group of Stunt Coordinators and Specialists. It is important that all caution is taken when preparing and producing these particular sequences. Whether you’re looking to bring the heat with a man on fire to a full on firestorm, fire will elevate your stunt to that next level.

Stuntman Rocky Capella on fire for Velvet Revolver Music Video









Watch Some of the Fire Stunts from

Velvet Revolver’s Music Video “She Builds Fast Machines”

Directed by Dean Karr,  Stunt Coordinated and 2nd Unit Directed by TJ White, and Special Effects Coordinator Steve Riley.