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Stunt Drivers Line up for Director Gil Green on Music Video Set

Nothing gets your audience’s adrenaline pumping quite like a riveting car chase, jump, or crash. T Minus Productions’ stunt coordinators have ample stunt and precision driving experience and have coordinated countless actions car sequences for film, television, commercials and music videos.

T Minus Productions has access to the industry’s best professional racecar drivers, stunt drivers, stunt driving teams and precision driving teams. We mix and match to fit any vehicle sequence needs and save production money.

Stunt Driver Terry James Van Crashes through window on Music Video

Car Stunts

Precision multi-car formations at high speeds
High-speed car chases
Freeway scenes
Car Jumps, pipe ramps, air cannons
Nascar racing scenes,  Off Road – Racing
Semi-Truck stunts – crashes, high-speed, Jackknifes
Heavy Machinery Stunts – dump trucks, earth movers, fork lifts, box trucks, buses