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Camera Cars

Z Crane on Daughtry Music Video Set

Z Crane Camera Car

Camera Cars come in all sizes. Camera cars are used in filming feature films, Television shows, Music videos and Commercials.   This gives producers and directors the advantage of giving the camera movement at a high rate of speed.

This allows the camera to circle the car and shoot 360 degrees around the car. There are many types of camera cars some pull vehicles where you can put the actors  in the car and they do not have to drive the car themselves and they can deliver there lines.




Ultimate Arm


Ultimate Arm camera car



Pursuit  Systems


Pursuit Systems Mini Copper Camera car



Go Mobile

Is a another unique company that has many pieces of film equipment that connects to vehicles to allow                                             you to have the talent in the vehicle while filming them at high rate of speed.



Go Mobile Camera car on set of Dukes of Hazzard