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The Taurus World Stunt Awards Presented by Red Bull

2012 Taurus Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios

Every year we look forward to the Award Season, as to be able to admire those in the industry of entertainment for their accomplishments in acting, directing, lighting, and even wardrobe.  But rarely do the people who create the action and excitement get acknowledged.  That is why we are so proud of the group of people that show gratitude towards the hardest working professionals in the entertainment industry. The Taurus™ World Stunt Awards honor the movie industry’s unsung heroes, the world’s best stunt professionals. They risk their lives to perform the most daring stunts that bring action and excitement to the movie-going public.

This is the Oscars for the Stunt men and women that make every summer blockbuster to commercial rememberable.
It is amazing to attend any award event, but The Taurus World Stunt Awards is by far much more rewarding.  It allows those who stood in harms’ way to make the actor shine or allow the audience to believe he/she is performing an unbelievable act that brings the character to life, to be recognized for their accomplishments.  The Stunt community is a very humble, tight-knit group of individuals that pride themselves on athleticism, safety, and a no-fear attitude.

The Taurus™ World Stunt Awards were envisioned by Red Bull Energy Drink CEO Dietrich Mateschitz and benefits the Taurus™ World Stunt Awards Foundation.   They recognize everything from Best Fight to Best Coordination and everything in between.  We at HollywoodStuntCoordinator.com appreciate all that the men and women have accomplish this past year and look forward to another successful and SAFE year of entertaining and excitement.


Written by: Keith Porter – Director of Stunt Dept.

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