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The Art of Fight Choreography in Film

Stuntman Tanoai Reed, Stunt Coordinator TJ White and MMA Fighter Tito Ortiz

A Fight Choreographer or a Fight Coordinator is a very technical job and usually assist a Stunt Coordinator with fight scenes.  there background usually are expo fighters, trainers, black-belts in various disciplines. These highly train people have years of training spending thousands and hours and dollars on there given profession. They usually train the actors, stunt performers months before a shoot so that they can get the choreography down.  During pre-production they film various choreography of the scene so that the director can get view it and get a feel of what the scene will look like.

Pictured in the photos in this blog are Stunt Coordinator TJ White and Fight Choreographer Kelly Carter putting together a MMA fight scene for Director Dean Karr and his music video “Truth” for the band Seether.

Kelly Carter also has a back ground in AIS and Strength and Conditioning training, and MMA.  TJ felt he was the right choice to not only over see the choreography but to stretch the talent and athletes before, during and after the fight scene.  Do the time constraints of filming a music video, TJ and Kelly spent most of the early part of the day rehearsing scenes.  The had three different fights, one with two girls, one with a little person and guy playing Santa, and the 3rd being to 230+ pound MMA fighters.


Kelly Carter Fight Coordinating for Photo Shoot at Big John McCarthey’s Gym

TJ White and Kelly Carter Talking Choreography for the Scene

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