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Chris Brown and Justin Bieber Creating Big Stunts for Riveting Entertainment


Justin Bieber Tweets this picture after doing a stunt


It has been a busy year for Riveting Entertainment , producing some of the most dynamic award winning videos of the year.  CEO and  Executive Producer

Stunt woman Tammie Baird does car hit for Chris Brown Ft. Justin Bieber Music Video

Andrew Listermann has teamed with Director Colin Tilley to create high concept music videos.   With the ever changing economics of the music industry and the budget crunches for music videos.  It takes creative directors, producers and production companies to acheive high concept videos on limited budgets now.   Taking this into consideration Artist, Labels, and Management companies understand that Music videos are one of the best ways to get exposure for their music.  So you see more than ever an abundance of music videos being filmed currently for the internet.

With such a big concept and dangerous stunts, Riveting Entertainment called T Minus Productions and Stunt Coordinator TJ White to assist in designing and over seeing all of the action for Chris Brown Featuring Justin Beiber’s music video “Next to You”.   TJ stated, “This was a very big concept with dangerous stunts,  Working with Andrew and Colin, I knew i had to get the very best stunt crew to pull off these gags. ”

TJ White has worked with some of the biggest artist in the business, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, P-Diddy, Foo Fighters, JLo and Britney Spears to name a few.  TJ, a 2nd Generation stunt coordinator, brought in his stunt driving dad Terry James and Tammie Baird to stunt double Shannon Elizabeth for the car hit and Chris Carnel for Stunt safety.  TJ stated,  “Car hits are one of the most dangerous stunts out there right now in the business. One misstep, slip, miss timing, or not using an experienced stunt driver could be catastrophic.”

T Minus Productions has worked with Riveting Entertainment many times and continues to build a stong relationship as both companies expand their creative expertise in the industry.


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