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Blockbuster Films and the Action they bring to the Screen

On the set of Avengers in Cleveland ,Ohio

It All Begins with a DREAM

Creating a “Blockbuster” always begins with a dream to accomplish the unbelievable or tell a story beyond expectations of the viewers.  Every year, the “Blockbuster” is usually action packed or a dramatically emotional draining adventure.  But both bring an element of breath taking moments, either by words or visual stimulation.

The term “Blockbuster” started in the 1950’s. It has several meanings, but the first is “A bomb that could level a city block” but was adapted by the film Industry to describe how well a film does, thus, “A stunning new and unexpected event or object that generates enormous sales or revenues”.  Ironic, that one has nothing to do with the other, but both create attention.   Even though, before the event of the use in film, it was only used to describe an athlete.  In the 1950’s, Grace Kelly was the first to be acclimated as a “Blockbuster”.

Since then we associate the term with Summer Movies, such as this year’s highly anticipated “Avengers” and the soon to be release “Batman”.  These high-budget movies make or break the studios and production companies.  But the common denominator is usually “ACTION”.  From Indian Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, and every other movie that draws viewers into the theaters, people want to feel and visualize things they will never encounter themselves.

The use of Stunts, explosions, weapons, and even flying, give the viewer an experience that they dream of.  As stunt professionals we are able to create that illusion and belief that it is possible to live your dream.   But, and we do stress, the effects and stunts are completely thought out, designed for SAFETY, and to exceed the imagination of the possible.  Every stunt in the “BlockBuster” is carefully thought out, down to the last “I” being dotted and “T” being crossed.

Talented stunt coordinators, like TJ White, ensure that productions are expertly controlled and deliver the best product needed.  More and more productions require the best action and heart stopping entertainment that stunt professionals offer.  Blockbusters wouldn’t be where they are without the excitement we provide.
You DREAM it, we create it…….



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