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2012 Summer Blockbusters Films



The term comes from a block-leveling bomb, but has taken on more meaning in the film business.  But what exactly makes a movie a blockbuster?  Is it the cast, theme, budget, or time of year?  Typically a modern blockbuster requires A-list cast, director who has credibility, and a budget that makes the National Debt look like a layaway plan.  Recently the market and industry has seen a shift in what is actually considered a Blockbuster.  A film’s marketability, branding, franchising, and now the ability to produce more than one film into a series, increases the overall strategy of the studio’s investment.
The biggest value of all blockbusters have one common denominator.. Stunts and Action.  It takes a talented stunt coordinator like TJ White and a trusted talented stunt team to create the amazing action seen in each year’s Blockbusters.  This year is no different with the overload of action packed releases.  Spiderman, Avengers, Battleship, Bourne, Dark Knight, and even the new comer, Hunger Games.
Not all succeed, such as Prometheus, Battleship, John Carter, Men in Black III.  They all succeeded in their own realms of viewership, but as studios count the pennies spent to the ones earned, it becomes a completely different equation.  The year of the animation domination has shown how the Blockbuster is changing.  Movies such as Madagascar 3, Ice Age, and Brave have brought more money to the Blockbuster bottom line per screen than ever before.  Oddly enough, even animated films require the expertise of a stunt coordinator to correctly create the emotion and complexity involved in teaching how to illustrate how to properly show the excitement in a fight or fall.
So, the Blockbuster is revealed and anticipated by all each season.  And there are many more to look forward to, such as Expendables 2, Superman, Total Recall, G.I. Joe2, SkyFall, The Hobbit, and hopefully Die Hard 6…  But always remember, it takes talented stunt coordinators and performers to make all of these Blockbusters look amazing and safe.


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