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Stunt Coordinator ExpertsT-Minus Productions Stunt Department specializes in the creation, technical design, direction and production of action sequences.  We have worked with some of Hollywood’s most creative directors and producers on Film, Television, Commercials and Music Videos for many years. A close-knit group of family and friends, we associate with people we can trust.


T-Minus Stunt Department believes the essence of a filmed stunt lies in its planning. We lock into your creative vision, then diligently breakdown script and budget to give you as many dynamic options as possible. We feel proper planning, development, conceptual drawings, mechanical designs, etc. allow you to get awesome shots while saving time and keeping costs low.

We have the know-how and collected demeanor to handle on-set audibles, as well.  Great stunts are often created on set!

Based in Los Angeles,  T-Minus Productions has ample experience filming on location while maximizing local tax incentives.


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