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Your Top Stunt Coordination Experts

Your Top Stunt Coordination Experts

In today’s entertainment landscape, audiences expect new, innovative action. Directors and producers feel the pressure to deliver. Dramatic effect and dynamic scope are expected, no matter the size of the budget.

T-Minus Productions got its start designing and producing action scenes for some of Hollywood’s most creative directors and producers. We have been racking up experience in Film, Television, Commercial and Music Videos for the past 24 years.

Our comprehensive action sequence knowledge can help you efficiently execute nearly any action you can dream up. We may even be able to help dream up some more. Our bids are accurate and we’re always looking for ways to make your project better. Let our industry leading expertise help you wow your audience!

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Conveniently based in Los Angeles, T-Minus Productions also has ample experience filming on location while maximizing local tax incentives.


Featured Stunt Coordinator: TJ White from T-Minus Productions


A second generation Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director, TJ White has 23+ years experience in Stunts. While growing up on sets such as Stripes, Knight Rider, and BJ and the Bear, TJ caught the bug for Action Directing.

TJ has worked closely with the top celebrities in the entertainment industry. From actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Sofia Vergara, Kristen Stewart – to musicians Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Marshall Mathers, Pharrell Williams – to directors Paul Hunter, Wayne Isham, Dean Karr, and Joseph Kahn – to producers William Sherek, Jason Shuman, and Jill Harden – TJ has delivered for some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

When not on set or breaking down a budget, TJ teaches Action Directing classes at UCLA and other local film schools and has served on the panel at The Diamonds In The Raw Stuntwomen’s Awards since 2011.

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Jennifer Lopez pushes the envelope with Director Jora Frantzis

Director Jora Frantzis (Cardi B, Rosalia, Rolls Royce) is always pushing the creative envelope with new stylistic ways to not only capture the beauty of an artist but tell the story of the song in a music video. Jora has worked with JLo before on the “Medicine” music video that has over 31 million views on YouTube alone.

JLo known for here high concept videos including dance, story telling and stunts, decided to collaborate with Director Jora Frantzis whom also is a very successful photographer. Creating a very complicated stylized lighting set up by director of photography Rob Witt. Jora was able to capture moments in this video that would take most directors weeks of prep to shoot on a film.

Jora brought in TJ White from T Minus Productions to work with Jennifer Lopez and her Stunt double to create the floating and flying effect. Keeping your talent and crew safe is one of the most important duties of a stunt team. TJ and his team has worked with JLo on several projects over the years creating a trust between the artist and TJ and his stunt team.

Amazon Prime Goes Big with San Diego Comic-Con Stunt Show

Stunt Team for the “Carnival Row” tower show

Amazon Prime goes big at Comic-Con with there Activation Experience for 3 of their TV shows. The Boys, The Expanse, and Carnival Row. Tool of America of Los Angeles produced this 4 day event at Comic-Con in San Diego. They took over a 60K SQ Foot parking lot and transformed it into three different sets. They created a live experience for thousands of Comic-Con attendees and transported them into each of the TV Show’s interactive experiences. Production built a 42 foot tower with


Stunt Rigger Ken Fournier, Stunt Coordinator TJ White, Stunt Rigger Tim James

Amazon Prime Stunt Show for San Diego Comic Con 2019

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