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Stunt Wire Rigging

Stunt Flying rig for a NEYO Music Video, Directed by Wayne Isham

Stunt wire work has advanced tremendously in the last 10 years.  Stunt Coordinators and Stunt Rigging companies have invested millions of dollars and man hours to design some of the most technically savvy systems.  Using these wire systems and visual effects gives the production the opportunity to tell their story in a far more realistic way.

Using computerized high speed winch systems allows the stunt coordinator to re-set the action in a timely manner and make it repeatable.  This gives your production more chances to get the shot they really want.


Stunt Wire work for NEYO music video

Stunt Wire work for David Guetta Music Video shot at Red Studios in Hollywood California.

Stunt Wire rigging is very dangerous and should not be done by anyone that is not experienced.  The design of the wire rig comes right at conception when the story boards are shown to the Stunt Coordinator.  At that time the Stunt Coordinator will design the wire rig to get the exact shot the production is looking for.  A select few very talented and experienced Stunt Coordinators specialize in wire rigs because it is a very complicated, timely and expensive process.

On an even simple wire rig a Stunt Rigging team may use more than $100,000 worth of  stunt rigging equipment. Stunt Rigging equipment should be maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure safety for the stunt team and more importantly for the actors that dare to do as much of the stunt as they can.

Wire work is not a frugal concept but with it, your entire production and concept can be exponentially elevated to look far better than the projects that do not have it.

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