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Rob Dyrdek (Pro Skater / TV Personality) Jumps Chevy Sonic on Fantasy Factory in MTV

2011 Chevy Sonic Stunt Test Car


Mike Ryan, Stunt Coordinator and owner of Picture Vehicles Unlimited is proud to announce that skate board champ and TV show host of Fantasy Factory, Rob Dyrdek will complete the first spiral jump seen in public since the mid 1970’s.

Stuntman and friend James Smith and I studied the history and met with some of the folks that invented and performed the jumps in the ’70’s, including the one in the 1973 James Bond movie, “The man with the Golden Gun”. Rob wanted to do it and he let Elia at Jem Special Effects know about it. Elia told me and then Rob got Chevy involved.

Elia Popov and his crew at Jem Special Effects prepped the hero and test car, provided by sponsor and host, Chevrolet. The Picture Vehicles Unlimited stunt fabrication crew built the ramps and together, James Smith and I have completed 8 jumps into boxes and James landed one onto the catch ramp last


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